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Where do you get off, sir? Coming into my office and yelling at me about your outdated view on birth control. Who do you think you are, Rick Santorum? Obviously not ‘cause you’re not hot.

- Mindy Lahiri, The Mindy Project


Queen Margaery - breaker of awkward moments.




Spike’s reaction to Buffy’s death.

James Marsters said: “I’ve never played a character for this long. l’m used to doing stage, where you live with a character for a maximum of about four months. After five years, there really is a space somewhere in my soul where Spike and Buffy really do live. There really is a Sunnydale inside me somewhere. So when Buffy really was dead and I really was Spike it wasn’t hard at all to break down. It was crushing. That’s the weird thing about acting, man. We’re not insane, but we’re paid to use our imaginations as fully as we can. So somewhere down inside my heart there really is a Spike and a Buffy and he’s very much hoping that he’ll get a little more time with Buffy.”

I always felt the tears were real when watching this scene, the same way it was real for the fans. We all love Buffy, regardless of whether she’s real or not.

I see something like this and I’m reminded how much I love this show and how freaking perfect James Marsters was.

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Lufthansa Wimmelbilder - Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival 

Victo Ngai

So much was going on in the last months that I didn’t get a chance to post this project until now. This image is part of Lufthansa Airline’s online New Year promotion “Passenger On Tour”. 14 “Wimmelbilder” ( a German game similar to “Finding Waldo”) were created by 14 artists with a Lufthansa passenger hidden in each image. Each scene depicts a destination from Lufthansa’s network, from the beach in Rio de Janeiro to the Dragon Boat Festival in Hong Kong (my image!).

On finding the hidden person and clicking on them, the user is taken to the relevant offer by a teaser generated out of the scene. The daily prizes were products from the Lufthansa WorldShop, with the first prize an intercontinental flight for two. 

As a kid, I LOVE the game of finding hidden objects, so I was thrilled to be designing my own. The process was such a breeze, the client and agency really encouraged the whole “Victo doing Victo stuff” thing, which made it extra fun.  There was zero revision from sketch to final, which is quite rare for advertisement projects! 

Can you find the hidden Lufthansa passenger?

Big thanks to ADs Sebastian Kuhs and Martin Kulik from Plan-Net.


Archist, Federico Babina


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let’s play a game called “are people being too sensitive about this issue or is it a legitimate problem and i’ve just internalized more prejudice than i thought”

ps you can’t win and the game never ends

and the game trudges on

worst game ever







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Easter reception at Downing Street 2014

Cameron says he is proud that this is a Christian country and whatever, he is Christian and so he is obviously going to take guidance and strength from that, cool, but…ok it is the majority religion in this country, a bit less than 60% describe themselves as Christian on the census…that leaves a LOT of people to be alienated by the statement that this is a Christian country. I think we like to kid ourselves that we are so much better than America on the secular front but separation of church and state is a pretty great idea. The Queen is the head of the Church, this is a theocracy, we can’t get away from that. Something like 1/3 of the primary schools are owned/run by the Church? My primary school was Christian, the reverend (there was a church next door) would come in on Fridays and we’d have to pray would hear bible stories in assemblies. And the brother and sister who were Jehova’s Witnesses wouldn’t be able to participate and would stay in a class room while we were in the hall. And these are state schools.

I’m more upset over the parts where he says that the government should be doing more to help faith organisations when the government has done plenty to hurt all charitable organisations (and why should faith based organisations be privileged?), removing funding in the midst of a recession while simultaneously exacerbating financial stresses with other austerity measures (eg. getting rid of Education Maintenance Allowance.) Hacking into council budgets has lead to thousands of charities facing cuts or withdrawn funding. Harringey cut youth spending by 75% after £41 million cuts to the council budget in 2011. ”But each murder investigation in the borough costs £1.5m so cutting programmes does not make financial sense.” What a horrific sentence. It is also important to note that August of 2011 is when rioting spread out from London across the country. Like he talks about the great job that the church does with food banks, the use of which has increased dramatically very recently (doubled in the last year), in no small part because of conservative policies. Why not fix the problem at the source so that you don’t need charity to scrabble pick up the pieces of the people you have left desperate?

But this is actually the whole Big Society concept in action - government can shirk it’s responsibilities if people volunteer to pick up the pieces in whatever fragmented way they can. In London, you get certain boroughs where the coverage of volunteer programs is great. But those are the boroughs where there may be pockets of poverty but a whole lot of wealth along side it. The poverty and social issues can’t be avoided by the rich and the councils and members of the community have the resources to plug some of those gaps. Boroughs where there isn’t that sort of wealth or that are further away from the centre of things, like Harrow where my friend lives, get next to nothing. There is nothing going on, you can’t join a volunteer organisation if you want to despite the obvious need. This is the problem with allowing charity or industry to replace government care so totally, to allow government to so much abdicate its responsibilities. These neoliberal solutions are poor, patchy replacements that are not based on need. And the Church leaders in this country are not on board with that.

More than 40 Anglican bishops and 600 church leaders have signed a letter, calling on David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband to tackle the causes of food poverty, including low wages, rising food prices and an inadequate welfare benefit safety net 

"Hope is not an idle force. Hope drives us to act. It drives us to tackle the growing hunger in our midst. It calls on each of us, and government too, to act to make sure that work pays, that food markets support sustainable and healthy diets, and that the welfare system provides a robust last line of defence against hunger."


I wouldn’t say that I am proud of this country being a Christian country but I am pretty proud of the Christian leaders in it. 

Justice Department prepares for clemency requests from thousands of inmates - The Washington Post

Doesn’t stop him randomly planting uninvited kisses on every interesting woman he meets :))))

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New video about the Central African Republic, the conflict there, and some thoughts on why we struggle to pay attention to complex international news stories. And Kony 2012.